Reserved Area


Collection Abstract:

Intrecci, Contrasti, Motif, Connections

Collection Hippie:

Foulard, Peace & Love, Ice Cream

Collection Natura:

Matita, Nature, Bouquet, Leaf, Peach, Cactus, Animalier

Collection Acquerello:

Fiori, Alberi, Cerchi, Bacco

Collection Under Water:



 100×100, 100×300, 120×260


Wall (matt), Lux (dettagli in oro), Floor (per pavimenti)


Slab at the state of Art

Imagination and matter blend with art to create a unique design project, where you can choose from more than 20 graphics or create your own idea to dress the environment in a unique way.

WallDesign can be used as a piece of furniture to cover the walls of your home, to color the floor of your restaurant or to bring a touch of the beach to your pool.